1. Do students take courses to learn programming?

Ans: Yes, students are offered Python programing.


2. Do students learn how to make video games?

Ans: No

3. Do students take courses in robotics or engineering?

Ans: No but students are exposed to these subjects through other subjects and/or after school clubs.


4. Do students have to wear school uniform?

Ans: Yes, light blue collard shirt and navy blue khakis. Solid plain black or navy blue sweaters are allowed with no designs. No sweat pants, jeans, hats, caps du-rag and hoodies allowed.

5. Do students learn web design and development?

Ans: No but sometimes our partners offer opportunities where students can learn after school. 

6. What time does the school day start and end?

Ans: 8:24 am - 2:40 pm

7. Do all classrooms have computers for students?

Ans: No, occasionally laptops are made available at teachers request. Only computer classes have dedicated computer labs.

8.  Do the school have clubs and sports teams?

Ans: Yes, refer to the student life tab on this website for a complete listing.

9. How long are the classes?

Ans: All classes are 55 minutes long.

10. What supplies should students bring for the first day of school?

Ans: Students should come prepared ready to work with a writing utensil, three ring 2 inch binder with loose leaf, at least six dividers for each of their classes. Any further supplies will be discussed in each of the classes.

11. Is the school safe?

Ans: We believe in the safety of all students. Students must follow school and building-wide rules in order to always remain safe. Students should never leave school premises without permission from administrators and staff. We are an anti-bulling school and take every incident seriously. If there is a situation where a student does not feel safe, it should be reported to school staff or administrators.