When is the first day of school for students?

Students return to school on Monday, September 13, 2021. Students should arrive to school by 8:00 am.


Where is the school located?

The High School of Computers and Technology is located on the third floor of the Evander Childs campus at 800 East Gun Hill Rd, Bronx, NY 10467.


Will there be a remote option?

As of now, the Chancellor has stated that all students and staff will return in-person in September. We will keep you updated if this changes.


Will there be social distancing in effect?

New York City is following CDC guidance, mandating 3 feet of social distancing in classrooms. In a typical classroom, this allows for approximately 29-30 people total, including teachers. Class sizes are being adjusted to meet this guidance. Because of the strict capacity limitations, there will be very little room to accommodate schedule change requests outside of special education and ESL mandates.


Will students stay in one room all day or move around to different classrooms?

Students will move to different classrooms as was the case pre-COVID.


What about physical education?

Students will be participating in physical education, although we are still waiting for guidance from the DOE in terms of locker room usage and restrictions on activities.


Will masks be required?

At this time, New York City is requiring masks for all students and staff for the coming school year. Please make sure your child has a supply of masks available.


What will the return to school look like? Will students jump directly into classes?

No. We surveyed our students in the spring and learned that many of them were concerned about transitioning back to school full-time. The vast majority asked for time to adjust and for teachers not to jump directly into instruction. Because of this, we have structured a Welcome Back week where students will meet in small groups for discussions, activities, and fun! We will use this time to help students adjust to being back in the building and to help introduce (or re-introduce) them to their peers. Our goal is for every student to feel welcomed and a part of the HSCT family!


Are uniforms required?

Yes. We will be returning to our HSCT uniform in September. This consists of navy blue or black pants/skirt (no jeans) with a light blue collared shirt (a polo or button-down). HSCT does sell light blue polos with our logo for $25 if you wish to purchase one, but you are not required to. Please call the school and ask for Heather or Sylvia to arrange a time to pick these up.


What is the schedule?

We are returning to our pre-COVID bell schedule, which includes six 55-minute classes with a lunch period in the middle. Students should plan to arrive to the building by 8:00am each day to allow them time to enter through scanning, grab breakfast, and make it to class on time. Students are dismissed at 2:40pm.


When will I know my class schedule?

Students will receive their class schedules on the first day of school.


Will students receive metrocards?

Yes, metrocards are provided during the first day of school to all students who are eligible (generally, any students who don’t live within walking distance of the school receive one). In September, you can reach out to [email protected] with any questions.


Can students bring cell phones?

Students will be allowed to bring their phones to the building. A campus-wide initiative is being developed to limit distractions in the classroom. More information is to come!


How does lunch work?

Each school in the building has their own designated lunch time; ours is at 11:15. The cafeteria is located on the 5th floor of the building (we’ll make sure you know how to get there!). Free breakfast and lunch is available to ALL students.


Where do I enter the building?

HSCT students enter the building from the Bronxwood entrance (not the front entrance on Gun Hill Rd with the steps). If you are coming from the 2 train, you’d walk past the front of the building, turn right on Bronxwood, and enter at that corner. Look for the sea of blue!


Does my child need the COVID-19 vaccine to return to school?

At this time, New York has not mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for attendance in public

schools, although this could change throughout the school year. We will keep you posted of any

updates to this policy. Students who wish to participate in some PSAL sports teams, however,

are required to be vaccinated due to the high risk of transmission. Please reach out to your

child’s coach or the athletic director, John White, at [email protected] with any



At this time, children 12 and over are eligible for the vaccine. If you are interested in getting


your child vaccinated, please speak to your family doctor or visit vaccinefinder.nyc.gov


What about random COVID-19 testing?

We are awaiting guidance as to whether random COVID testing will continue into the next school year and what it will look like for students. Further guidance is forthcoming.


Are your teachers vaccinated?

Yes. New York City is mandating all teachers and staff members in schools be vaccinated.


Is there a school nurse?

Yes. We are fortunate to have a Montefiore clinic located within the Evander building (on the first floor, near the gyms). Students can make appointments there to get physicals and can see a doctor when they are sick. Mental health services are also provided here. Registration is required; students will receive information upon the return to school. You can reach the clinic at 718-944-5601. Please note hours may be limited in the summer.


I have questions about my child’s IEP or bussing. Who can I reach out to?

You can reach out to our IEP coordinators, Harold Brown [email protected] and Reni Mathew [email protected] or our AP of Special Education, Ms. Jackson- Mcollough [email protected]


I am concerned about my child’s mental health and ability to adjust back to school. Who can I contact?
All students will receive a mental health screening upon the return to school. If you have any specific concerns you would like to address, please reach out to our school social worker, Lacey Forman, at [email protected]. Our guidance department is expecting that the transition back to school will be challenging for many students, and they are developing strategies to aide in this transition.


Do students take courses to learn programming?

Yes, students are offered Python programing.


Do students learn how to make video games?


Do students take courses in robotics or engineering?

No but students are exposed to these subjects through other subjects and/or after school clubs.


Do students have to wear school uniform?

Yes, light blue collard shirt and navy blue khakis. Solid plain black or navy blue sweaters are allowed with no designs. No sweat pants, jeans, hats, caps du-rag and hoodies allowed.

Do students learn web design and development?

No but sometimes our partners offer opportunities where students can learn after school. 

Do all classrooms have computers for students?

No, occasionally laptops are made available at teachers request. Only computer classes have dedicated computer labs.

Do the school have clubs and sports teams?

Yes, refer to the student life tab on this website for a complete listing.

How long are the classes?

All classes are 55 minutes long.

What supplies should students bring for the first day of school?

Students should come prepared ready to work with a writing utensil, three ring 2 inch binder with loose leaf, at least six dividers for each of their classes. Any further supplies will be discussed in each of the classes.

Is the school safe?

We believe in the safety of all students. Students must follow school and building-wide rules in order to always remain safe. Students should never leave school premises without permission from administrators and staff. We are an anti-bulling school and take every incident seriously. If there is a situation where a student does not feel safe, it should be reported to school staff or administrators.