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CTE Courses Offered

CTE Courses Offered

Intro to Computer Science

IT Course This course introduces students to the exciting world of programming using the Python language. Students will gain a basic understanding of object-oriented programming and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they learn to design, code, and debug Python programs. Challenging assignments encourage them to master important programming concepts such as variables, operators, and control flow constructs.

Internet and Computing Core (IC3)

IT Course The Internet Computing Core course is designed to teach, standards-based training and certification basic computing and Internet knowledge.  Successful students completing IC3 ensures they have the knowledge and skills required for basic use of computer hardware, Microsoft applications, networks, and the Internet. At the end of the course students would take a three-part IC3 industry exam to be certified in the area. 

Computer Maintenance Technology (CMT)

IT Course In this course students are trained to be computer support technicians through theory, industry scenarios, hands-on training and simulations. Upon completion of the course a student will have a well-rounded understanding of computer operation, computer network basics and troubleshooting, allowing a student to enter a career in computer support and services. At the end of the course students would take an industry based assessment to be certified in the area.

Networking Technology

IT Course This course introduces students to the networking field through hands-on training and project-based learning. Emphasis is on computer networks terminology and protocols, local-area networks, wide-area networks, wireless networks, OSI model, cabling, router programming, Ethernet, IP addressing, and network standards. Upon completion, students should be able to perform tasks related to networking mathematics, terminology, and models, media, Ethernet, subnetting, and TCP/IP Protocols. At the end of the course with additional test preparation, students would take am industry based assesment to be certified in the area.