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Uniform Policy

School Uniform

The following school uniform policy will be enforced at the High School of Computers and Technology. Only uniforms may be worn to school, and it is the responsibility of the student to maintain his/her uniform. Uniforms will be worn to and from school. Except for physical education classes or special events, students will not change clothes while at school or after school.


Grades 9 – 12 Year Round 


  • Plain light blue collared blouse/button down or polo shirt. Blouse/button down must be always buttoned up.
  • Navy or black skirt (woven/twill only, no shorter than 2 inches above the knee)
  • Navy or black pants (woven/twill only, no spandex permissible)
  • No open-toed shoes, clogs, crocs, or sandals will be worn.
  • Navy or black Capris - (woven/twill only, no spandex permissible)
  • Shorts are not allowed anytime during the school year.
  • Sweatpants are only worn during Gym period.
  • Navy or black Dickies pants with belt. Pants will be always worn at the student’s waist.
  • Navy or black Sweater, Vest, or Blazer 
  • Black, dark brown or a navy leather belt with a plain, simple buckle should be always worn at the student’s waist.
  • Hats/Caps, hoods, durags, bandanas or other similar types of head gear are not permitted.
  • Coats, Jackets and Hoodies must be locked up in the first period classroom of the day. They are picked up after the last period ends.